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Veterans Day

The Battle of Long Tần is arguably the most famous battle fought by the Australian Army during the Vietnam War. It was fought in a rubber plantation (in UTM Grid YS 49-66[3]), near the village of Long Tần, about four kilometres north east of Vung Tau, South Vietnam on August 18–19, 1966. The action occurred [...]

Hellship Memorial

By 1941, the Rising Sun had become symbolic of the Japanese resolve that would stop at nothing to expand the empire. Whoever stood in the path of the Imperial Japanese Army had only three choices: subjugation, death, or imprisonment. Throughout Asia, men from America, Australia, Great Britain, and a dozen other nations moved along their [...]


Australian War Memorial, ANZAC Day 1997 (Photo Ben Riglay, Image courtesy of National Capital Authority) The Spirit of ANZAC When was it born? 25 April 1915 Where? At ANZAC Cove on the western side of the Gallipoli Peninsula in Turkey. Why There? The Gallipoli Peninsula on its eastern side dominates the Dardanelles, the very narrow [...]