Best answer: What charities does Niall Horan support?

What charities has Niall donated to?

Niall Horan is an ambassador for Irish Autism Action, which is dedicated to offering support to families with autistic children. Horan has contributed to Irish Autism Action through hosting a 2014 football match that raised about £300,000. He also released a limited-edition T-shirt in 2016.

How much did Niall Horan donate to Alone charity?

Singer Niall Horan has donated €100,000 to Alone, the organisation that supports older people, enabling them to continue providing vital support and assistance during the coronavirus crisis. The former One Direction star said that is was a real pleasure to donate to the cause.

Does Niall Horan donate to charity?

Charities & foundations supported 5

Niall Horan has supported the following charities listed on this site: Alzheimer’s Society. Amnesty International. Red Cross.

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