Best answer: What organization did Harry Styles donate his hair to?

The Little Princess Trust. 2 years ago this month, Harry Styles donated his hair to our charity. Since then we have given 2,503 free real hair wigs to children and young people. What a difference to make to so, so many young lives in two years.

What Harry Styles donate?

The Chile Fund Against Hunger and Poverty: Santiago, Chile

While touring in South America, Styles donated to a number of poverty charities, including The Chile Fund Against Hunger and Poverty in Santiago, Chile.

What perfume can Harry Styles always recognize?

Harry Styles is known for his ability to mix classic looks with a touch of modern, and for taking risks with what he wears. It is no surprise then that Versace Dylan Blue is a perfume that Harry Styles would wear.

How many records has Harry Styles sold?

According to the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI), Harry Styles was the ninth global best-selling album of 2017 with sales of one million copies.

Harry Styles (album)

Harry Styles
Recorded 2016
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