How do you write a press release for a charity event?

How do you write a press release for a charity?

How to write a charity press release

  1. Headline. Keep your headline short, simple and informative. …
  2. First paragraph. Try to include all your important information in the first section. …
  3. Bullet points. …
  5. Call to action. …
  6. Proof reading. …
  7. Contact details. …
  8. Provide photos.

How do you announce a charity event?

Writing Your Event Press Release

  1. Print the release on organization letterhead.
  2. Write a catchy title to announce your event in bold caps.
  3. Write the main content for the release, remembering to keep it short, but informative including (who, what, when, where, why), and leaving some “interest factor” or element of surprise.

How do you write a press release after an event?

Event press release format

Lead – a summary of your event press release. Body – elaborating on and specifying the info provided in the lead to explain the background of the story, starting with the most relevant. Date of publishing – ensuring the event press release is timely.

What is a charity press release?

Clear writing guidelines and a sample press release

From time to time all charities will need to send a press release. Often this is to announce fundraising successes and forthcoming events. It also helps to raise and maintain your organisation’s profile.

When should you send an event press release?

What time should you send your press release? The best time to send a press release is between 10 am and 2 pm—this is when editors open about one-third of all the emails they’ve received. Early mornings are less effective: open rates drop to 20.5% between 6 and 10 am.

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