How many hours volunteer for bronze DofE?

How long does the Voluntary Service section take? At Bronze level = 1 hour each week (or 4 hours every 28 days) over 3 months/13 weeks (note that Bronze participants are required to do an additional three months in one of the following activities: Skills, Voluntary Service, Physical Recreation.

How long do you have to volunteer for bronze D of E?

Depending on your age, you are free to start at any level but most people prefer to start at Bronze and work upwards. It will usually take you at least 6 months to complete your Bronze programme. You also have to spend an extra three months on one of the Volunteering, Physical or Skills sections.

How many hours of volunteering do you need for DofE?

As a rule of thumb, a three month section equates to at least 13 hours of activity, six months to 26 hours and 12 months to 52 hours.

What counts as volunteering for DofE?

Volunteering is simple. It’s about choosing to give time to help people, the community or society, the environment or animals. Your volunteering must not be done for a business but can be undertaken for a charity or not-for-profit organisation.

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How much time must be dedicated to your Bronze Award?

Bronze Award projects require a commitment of at least 20 hours from Girl Scouts, though the girls themselves design the timelines. In some cases, the work is completed over the course of a summer, and in others, over a year.

Is Gold DofE worth it?

She says: “Students’ academic potential and commitment to their chosen programme of study are the most significant factors in decision-making, but the DofE award can be beneficial. And this is very positive. Having DofE Gold is considered to be an ‘asset’ and ‘beneficial’.

Can you do DofE at any age?

Any young person can do their DofE – regardless of ability, gender, background or location. Achieving an Award isn’t a competition or about being first. It’s all about setting personal challenges and pushing personal boundaries.

How long is DofE?

Length of time of DofE expeditions

Level Duration Minimum hours of planned activity each day
SILVER 3 days and 2 nights At least 7 hours during the daytime (at least 3½ of which must be spent journeying)
GOLD 4 days and 3 nights At least 8 hours during the daytime (at least 4 of which must be spent journeying)

What Volunteering can I do for DofE during lockdown?


  • Help a charity or community organisation. Fundraising. Fundraise for an important cause, such as St John Ambulance, YHA, Leonard Cheshire, The British Heart Foundation or create your own campaign. …
  • Help others. Elderly. …
  • Online volunteering projects. Digital safety. …
  • Conservation. Environment.

How can I volunteer to DofE from home?

How to: volunteer remotely

  1. Get in touch with your volunteering Assessor to see how you can help.
  2. Create helpful resources.
  3. Create an online support community.
  4. Community support.
  5. Check out ideas online!
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Can you go straight to Gold DofE?

Once you are 16 you can do your Gold DofE programme. … If you’ve jumped straight into your Gold DofE programme you’ll need to do a further six months either Volunteering or in whichever one of your Physical or Skills activities you spent more time on.

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