Is volunteer a noun or adjective?

: to offer or bestow voluntarily volunteer one’s services. volunteer. adjective. Definition of volunteer (Entry 3 of 3) 1 : being, consisting of, or engaged in by volunteers a volunteer army busy with volunteer activities.

Is volunteer a verb or noun?

1[intransitive, transitive] to offer to do something without being forced to do it or without getting paid for it volunteer to do something Jill volunteered to start a petition.

Is volunteer a adjective?

Pertaining to voluntary activity; supporting or promoting voluntarism.

Is Voluntary a noun or adjective?

adjective. done, made, brought about, undertaken, etc., of one’s own accord or by free choice: a voluntary contribution. of, relating to, or acting in accord with the will: voluntary cooperation. of, relating to, or depending on voluntary action: voluntary hospitals.

Is volunteer a countable noun?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishRelated topics: Militaryvol‧un‧teer1 /ˌvɒlənˈtɪə $ ˌvɑːlənˈtɪr/ ●●○ AWL noun [countable] 1 someone who does a job willingly without being paid → voluntary Most of the relief work was done by volunteers.

What is the verb of volunteer?

verb. volunteered; volunteering; volunteers. Definition of volunteer (Entry 2 of 3) intransitive verb. : to offer oneself as a volunteer volunteered to host the meeting.

What is the noun of volunteer?

noun. /ˌvɑlənˈtɪrɪzəm/ [uncountable] 1the practice of working as a volunteer, especially in community service.

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What is the plural of volunteer?

The plural form of volunteer; more than one (kind of) volunteer.

What is the adverb of volunteer?

adverb. /ˈvɒləntrəli/ /ˌvɑːlənˈterəli/ ​willingly; without being forced. He was not asked to leave—he went voluntarily.

Is a volunteer paid?

Do volunteers get paid? While there is no pay for being a volunteer, there are many opportunities for advancement. Volunteering can lead to an offer of permanent employment in several ways.

Is voluntariness a word?

noun The quality or state of being voluntary; spontaneousness; specifically, the quality or state of being free in the exercise of one’s will.

What is the part of speech of voluntary?

part of speech: adjective. definition 1: arising from or made of free will or choice. His decision to leave the company was purely voluntary.

What does volitional mean in English?

volition voh-LISH-un noun. 1 : the power of choosing or determining : will. 2 : an act of making a choice or decision; also : a choice or decision made.

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