Question: Is the WE charity?

Formation 1995
Formerly called Free the Children

Is the WE Charity legitimate?

WE Charity is an international charity and educational partner. Our organization is unique in that it operates collaborative programs both domestically and internationally. … WE Schools is a yearlong educational program that nurtures compassion in students and gives them the tools to create transformative social change.

Is the WE Charity for profit?

ME to WE is an innovative social enterprise that creates socially conscious products and experiences that enable people to change lives through their everyday choices. At minimum 50% of profits are donated to WE Charity to help support its international development work.

What is WE Charity doing today?

About Us. WE Charity carries the power of WE globally, empowering communities to lift themselves out of poverty through our holistic, sustainable international development model, WE Villages. WE Charity is an international charity and educational partner.

What exactly is the WE Charity?

WE Charity is an international charity and educational partner. … In Africa, Asia and Latin America, we partner with communities to implement WE Villages, a holistic, five-pillar international development model designed to achieve sustainable change.

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How much of WE Charity goes to the cause?

WE Charity spends less than 10 percent of its funds on administration, with, on average, 90 cents of every dollar donated going directly to support our projects and programs.

How much is the WE Charity worth?

31, 2018, the land, buildings and properties owned by WE Charity were valued at $42 million. Additional land and buildings owned by ME to WE Foundation were valued at $1.6 million. WE Charity’s total audited assets at the time were $62.5 million.

How much money has the WE Charity raised?

WE Charity received $27.5m in international donations, including $26.5m from WE US and $1.1m from WE UK in F2020. It also received $1.7m in Canadian government covid-19 support and $5.2m in donated goods and volunteer time.

What is the main purpose of WE Charity?

Twenty-four years later, WE Charity is an international charity committed to delivering a sustainable development model that empowers people to transform themselves, their families, their communities and the world.

Does Free The Children still exist?

Well, WE recently rebranded Free the Children as WE Charity in part to reduce the confusion. The charity, social enterprise/private business, and overall movement have all been combined under one brand: WE.

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