Quick Answer: What does Marian do at the end of a visit of charity?

At the end of Welty’s story “A Visit of Charity,” Marian retrieves a red apple she has hidden in the bushes. She then jumps on the bus and takes a big bite out of the apple. … Red, then, symbolizes life in this story.

What does Marian do at the end of a visit of charity apex?

At the conclusion of “A Visit of Charity,” what does Marian do after leaving the nursing home? A. She gives up her Campfire Girls sash and goes home. … She sits on the front steps of the nursing home and starts to cry.

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What does Marian go to the nursing home in a visit of charity?

In “A Visit of Charity,” Marian visits the nursing home to earn points from the Campfire Girls.

Who is Marian in a visit of charity?

In A Visit of Charity, Eudora Welty illustrates the story of a fourteen-year- old girl named Marian, who is a Campfire Girl that is paying a visit to the Old Ladies Home in order to earn points as a Campfire Girl.

Why does Marian go to the nursing home in a visit of Charity answers com?

In “A Visit of Charity” by Eudora Welty, Marian goes to the nursing home to gain points for her charity work with the Campfire Girl’s mission. She had no idea about what kind of people she would find in there and that she would want to leave the place soon after.

Why does Marian bring a potted plant with her to the old ladies home?

Answer: Marian bring a potted plant with her to the old ladies home because she wanted to earn points. … The main and the only purpose of Marian to bring a potted plant and visit the Old Ladies Home was to increase her charity points as a Campfire girl. She wanted to gain extra points and that was her sole motto.

Why does Marian hide the apple before going inside the old ladies home in a visit of charity?

Marian hid the apple, because she did not want to have to share it with the old women in the home. There is also a religious meaning in the symbol of the apple. … “The old woman who desperately needs love, is constantly referred to as a sheep or a little lamb, the implication of Marian’s bite into the apple is clear.”

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What is the moral message of a visit of charity?

In Welty’s story “A Visit of Charity,” her overall message is that people in nursing homes lose their identity and are treated badly, almost like animals.

How does Marian feel when she visits the two old ladies in a visit of charity?

In Eudora Welty’s “A Visit of Charity,” the main character, fourteen year old Marian, visits two old ladies at the Old Ladies’ Home, because she is a Campfire girl trying to earn charity points. Even though this act should be one that is generous, and caring, Marian is very selfish and cruel to the old women.

What were the two old ladies like in a visit for charity?

In this story by Eudora Welty, the young Campfire Girl Marian visits two elderly women who are roommates in a nursing home. They are presented initially as having contrasting personalities and behavior. One is loquacious and outgoing; the other, quiet and taciturn.

What is an example of a visit of charity?

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Hi! In the story “A visit to charity”, the line that marks the slowing down in the pace of the story is the following: “As she walked vaguely up the steps she shifted the small pot from hand to hand; then she had to set it down and remove her mittens before she could open the heavy door.”

Why does Marian leave the room so quickly?

in “a visit of charity” marian abruptly leave the women’s room because she can’t stand the feeling of alienation between the two old woman. Once Addie cries, Marian recognizes the cruelty of the women and is able to break free.

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How do the old ladies behave with Marian?

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The old ladies, from Marian’s point of view, behave bizarrely when Marian comes to visit. One old lady, Addie, stays in bed, while the other woman sharing the room pulls Marian inside. While Addie is rude and contrary, calling Marian’s plant ugly and “stinkweed,” the other old woman tries to be polite.

Which phrase from this passage of a visit to charity helps slow down the pacing of the story?

What can an author use to speed up the pacing of a story? Which phrase from this passage of “A Visit to Charity” help slow down the pacing of the story? “As she walked… heavy door.”

Why did Welty choose to use long detailed sentences?

Why did welty choose to use long, detailed sentences and a slow pace in order to give the beginning of a”a visit toa charity” a sense of foreboding? a. to show the emotions of the women inside the nursing home.

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