You asked: How much money did Drake give to charity?

But a) it’s something and b) it’s entirely possible that he’s doing more that we know about. After all, we’re talking about the same guy who, in 2018, partnered with the Raptors to donate $1 million to refurbish community basketball courts in Toronto and pledged a further $2 million to Canada Basketball.

Does Drake donate money to charity?

Drake gave away the entire music video budget, which now explains the charitable donations made on his behalf in the news. The video for “God’s Plan” includes Drake paying for people’s groceries, giving $50,000 to a student for their tuition, donating to a women’s shelter and helping impoverished families.

What has Drake done for charity?

Last year, he and the team donated $1-million to refurbish community basketball courts, and $2-million to Canada Basketball, which helps promising athletes work toward the Olympics and professional careers.

How much money did Drake give out?

In the 2018 video, which now has almost a billion views on Youtube, the Canadian rapper gives away nearly $1 million in cash, scholarships, and gifts to various people and organizations in Miami.

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Which rapper gives the most to charity?

Top 5 Most Charitable Hip Hop Stars

  • Akon. Hip-hop artist has been generous with his money, especially to those who live in Africa. …
  • Snoop Dog. Snoop Dog is not considered to be the best role model for young children. …
  • Marshall Mathers “Eminem” …
  • Jay-Z. …
  • Kendrick Lamar.

Did Drake really give money in God’s plan?

Drake’s ‘God’s Plan’ video shows him giving away $1 million in cash.

Did Drake actually give money in God’s plan?

Drake gave away the entire $1 million budget for his new music video. Drake’s new music video for “God’s Plan” is making waves, but not just because of his chart-topping song. Rather, it’s because the rapper gave away the project’s entire $996,631.90 budget, which he chronicles throughout the video.

What is Drakes net worth?

Not surprisingly, Drake has made some money out of all of these hits. In 2019, Forbes estimated his net worth at US$150 million, while more recent estimates go up to US$180 million.

What does Drake do with his money?

He co-runs October’s Very Own — an umbrella company for his clothing line, record label, and radio station — is an ambassador for the NBA’s Toronto Raptors, and has quite the real estate portfolio.

Did Drake donate Covid?

Drake has donated $100,000 to National Bail Out, a collective that is helping bail out black mothers and caregivers amid the COVID-19 pandemic. … “My Toronto Kings @champagnepapi @theweeknd,” he wrote.

What is Drake’s 2020 worth?

Drake Net Worth: Drake is a Canadian-born actor, producer and rapper who has a net worth of $200 million dollars.

Drake Net Worth.

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Net Worth: $200 Million
Gender: Male
Height: 6 ft (1.83 m)
Profession: Actor, Singer, Songwriter, Rapper, Voice Actor, Composer, Record producer
Nationality: Canada

Why did Drake donate money?

The same year, he used the $996,631.90 allocated for his “God’s Plan” video to help Miami residents, donating money to Lotus House Women’s Shelter, a University of Miami student and shoppers at an area grocery store. Even if it’s not your usual style of extend the benefit of the doubt to celebrities, it seems kind of…

How much does Drake make per dance?

It’s no surprise he is dominating the music industry.” Not only is Drake now the most-streamed artist in Spotify’s history but One Dance is also the most-streamed song of the year earning the 30-year-old $4.8m in royalties from the track alone.

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