Your question: What is an example of a visit of charity?

In the story “A visit to charity”, the line that marks the slowing down in the pace of the story is the following: “As she walked vaguely up the steps she shifted the small pot from hand to hand; then she had to set it down and remove her mittens before she could open the heavy door.”

Which example from a visit of charity shows down the pacing of the story?

The example from ‘a visit of charity’ that slows down the pacing of the story is during the excerpt that reads or describes of how she wore a red coat with her yellow hair hanging down which are coming from her white cap, at the same time, all the little girls are wearing the same thing that year.

What is an example of a visit of charity speeds?

Answer Expert Verified. Answer: Abruptly Marian saw a hand, snappy as a winged animal hook, reach uncertain and cull the white top off her head. In the meantime, another hook to coordinate drew her everything the route into the room.

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What is the meaning of a visit of charity?

“A Visit of Charity” is typical of Welty’s early short fiction, both in its use of a tight metaphoric structure and in its focus on the problem of love and separateness, which Welty has made her most predominant fictional theme.

What is the point of the story a visit of charity?

The short story A Visit of Charity is about a visit of a fourteen-year-old girl to a nursing home. It gives the fact that most young people are not interested in doing charity. In this story, a 14 year-old-girl, Marian has to visit the Old Ladies’ Home to get points.

Why did Welty choose to use long detailed sentences?

Why did welty choose to use long, detailed sentences and a slow pace in order to give the beginning of a”a visit toa charity” a sense of foreboding? a. to show the emotions of the women inside the nursing home.

Which phrase from this passage of a visit to charity helps slow down the pacing of the story?

What can an author use to speed up the pacing of a story? Which phrase from this passage of “A Visit to Charity” help slow down the pacing of the story? “As she walked… heavy door.”

What feelings Welty evoke?

The correct answer is Frenzy and panic.

Which type of sentence speeds up the pacing of a story apex?

To speed up the pacing of a story, an author can use D. Sentences with direct and simple language. To achieve this, the author can tell the story with little or no extraneous information, he or she can use concrete words and short adjectives and adverbs to describe and use active voice instead of passive voice.

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Which excerpt from the passage is an example of dialogue Marian?

The excerpt from the passage which is an example of dialogue is the following one: “Did you come to be our little girl for a while?” the first robber asked. In the excerpt above, there is a direct speech question, which signifies a dialogue is going on.

Who is the main character in a visit of charity?

In Eudora Welty’s “A Visit of Charity,” the main character, fourteen year old Marian, visits two old ladies at the Old Ladies’ Home, because she is a Campfire girl trying to earn charity points. Even though this act should be one that is generous, and caring, Marian is very selfish and cruel to the old women.

What does the Apple represent in a visit of charity?

The apple, the representation of man’s fall from grace in the Garden of Eden, when Eve bit the apple and then offered it to Adam, is used to allude to Marian’s sin at not bringing anything into the home with her.

Why does Marian leave the room so quickly?

During her visit, Marian sees women who remind her of sheep and who bicker constantly. … Therefore Addie’s crying is what causes her to abruptly leave the women’s room, but more importantly, the recognition of the ugliness and cruelty in that place and between women is what ultimately impels her to escape.

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