Best answer: Can a Councillor be a charity trustee?

Whatever the structure employed, the individual councillors concerned are not themselves charity trustees and are not required to register their role in relation to the charity in their register of interests.

Can a company director be a charity trustee?

The Companies Act 2006 defines a company director as “any person occupying the position of director, by whatever name called”. If the company is charitable the directors are also charity trustees at law.

Can a local authority set up a charity?

The council’s role as charity trustee

Local authorities are empowered by Section 139 of the Local Government Act 1972 to receive and hold gifts on charitable trusts. This may include money or assets left by donors, or charitable trusts created by ancient royal charters or Acts of Parliament.

Can an employee be a trustee of a charity?

A charity employee can be appointed to the charity’s trustee board without express authority. This is because the person’s employment precedes the trusteeship.

Who can be a trustees?

Any person who can own property may be a trustee. A minor (someone under 20) can be a trustee, but a court would have to appoint someone to act as trustee until the minor turns 20.

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Who Cannot be a charity trustee?

Individuals are already automatically disqualified as charity trustees if they have unspent convictions for offences of dishonesty or deception (the same goes for attempting, aiding or abetting these offences). A spent conviction doesn’t disqualify anyone – the disqualification only applies to unspent convictions.

How long can you be a trustee of a charity?

The Commission endorses the recommended good practice set out in the Charity Governance Code that there should be a time limit of 9 years on trustee tenure. However, charities must develop their own policies in line with the requirements of their governing documents.

Are charities independent from the government?

to the governance of a charity is bound to act solely in the interests of the charity. This is not just a requirement at the point when a body is registered as a charity. Charities must remain independent throughout their existence.

What is the role of a custodian trustee?

The Custodian Trustee is a corporate body, such as a Parish Council or the Official Custodian of Charities. Whilst the Custodian Trustee holds the title to all property on behalf of the charity, it does not take part in the day-to-day management and operation of the charity.

Are charities independent?

Well in reality of course, every charity is dependent on somebody: donors, funders, staff, volunteers, trustees, beneficiaries. There is no such thing as real independence of any kind for charities (or individuals). The worry is when one source of power or funds is too dominant or too controlling.

Do trustees of charities get paid?

Generally, charities can’t pay their trustees for simply being a trustee. Some charities do pay their trustees – they can only do so because it’s allowed by their governing document, by the Charity Commission or by the courts.

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How many trustees do you need to run a charity?

Your charity’s governing document might say how many trustees you should have and how they should be appointed. Aim for a minimum of three unconnected trustees with a good range of skills. Each trustee must read and sign a trustee declaration form to confirm they can act as a trustee.

Can a trustee receive a salary?

Yes, the trustee can draw a reasonable salary. Trustee is not entitled to get any salary. But if that trustee is a legal advisor or chartered accountant of the trust or rendering any services like that of a lawyer or CA then he can get salary for rendering such services.

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