Does Millie Bobby Brown do charity work?

She has lent a hand in raising US$40,000 for the Olivia Hope Foundation through her beauty brand Florence by Mills. The Unicef Goodwill Ambassador has also not forgotten her Bournemouth, UK, roots, recently donating around US$20,000 to UK frontline workers to support them through the Covid-19 pandemic.

What charity is Millie Bobby Brown involved in?

The 15-year-old became the youngest person to become a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador and has since started to open up about her struggles of living in the spotlight and her ongoing battle with anxiety.

How has Millie Bobby Brown impacted society?

Brown’s role with UNICEF as an ambassador is to use her global platform to raise awareness of issues that affect youth around the world, such as lack of education, violence, poverty and bullying.

How did GIA LoRusso and Millie Bobby Brown meet?

A Well, I’d say a few years ago I met a young girl, her name was Olivia Hope LoRusso. She had been diagnosed with cancer and I got friends with her for a while. We then became best friends and we spoke every day.

How old is Joseph Robinson Rugby?

Millie Bobby Brown Boyfriend Joseph Robinson Quick Facts:

Full Name Joseph Robinson
Birthdate October 18, 2002
Birthplace London, England
Age 18 years old
Nationality British

Why Millie Bobby Brown is so successful?

Though she never took an acting class or trained at a professional level, her parents obliged. Millie secured a few guest spots in shows such as Modern Family and Grey’s Anatomy. But, before landing her iconic role in the syfy show Stranger Things, she played the lead role in the one-off season of BBC’s Intruders.

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