Frequent question: What does it mean to break charity with someone How did Giles break charity with his wife?

How has Giles “broke charity with the woman”? Giles has broken charity with the woman by breaking her trust. He claims that his wife has read a strange book and this gets her accused of witchcraft. By breaking the sacred trust of their marriage, he breaks charity with this woman.

What does Giles mean when he says I have broke charity with her?

I have broke charity with her.” Said by: Giles Corey. Said to: Hale, Danforth. Meaning: Giles feels bad about telling Hale that his wife reads books. Because she reads books, people assume witchcraft.

What does Giles mean when he says that he has broke charity with the woman Do you agree with his assessment Why or why not?

How Giles “broke charity with the woman? He says that he “broke Charity” with her because he unintentionally gave the court cause to accuse Martha of being a witch early when he talked about her. Explain how Francis offends Deputy Governor Danforth. He says the girls are frauds.

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What does Giles mean when he fears he broke charity with his wife?

What does Giles Corey mean when he says that he “broke charity” with his wife, Martha Corey? He feels like he ratted out on his wife, and he feels bad because this wouldn’t have happened if he never told Hale.

Who said I have broke charity with the woman I have broke charity with her?

“I have broke charity with the woman, I have broke charity with her.” Said by Giles Corey; he is ashamed because he was the one who convicted his wife by saying she was reading strange books.

What I have heard in her favor I will not fear to testify in court?

What I have heard in her favor, I will not fear to testify in court. God help me, I cannot judge her guilty or innocent—I know not. Only this consider: the world goes mad, and it profits nothing you should lay the cause to the vengeance of a little girl.

What actions of proctors are used against him?

How is Giles’s deposition turned against him? Parris invalidates them by calling Proctor a bad Christian and telling the court how he doesn’t go to church and even works on Sunday, Sabbath day. Giles deposition is turned against him when he is unwilling to betray anyone else.

What has happened to Abigail Williams at the beginning of Act 4?

In Act 4 it’s revealed that Abigail has run away and stolen money from her uncle (and so her reputation takes a hit in her absence), but since she is no longer in Salem, it doesn’t really matter for her. … Abigail breaks into her uncle’s lockbox, steals all his money, and leaves Salem with Mercy Lewis.

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What does Abigail do when Hales gives his opinion of her?

What does Abigail do when Hale gives his oppinion of her? She pretends to see an evil spirt. … Abigail is too strong-willed for him to prevail even if Mary is firm & Elizabeth does not lie.

Who broke charity in the crucible?

John Proctor is the second character in the play that has broken charity. He believes his affair with Abigail irreparably damaged him in the eyes of God, his wife Elizabeth, and himself. By having the affair with Abigail, he has betrayed and treated Elizabeth wrongly.

What does Danforth’s mean when he says we burn a hot fire here it melts down all concealment Why is this significant?

Danforth then looks at John Proctor and says to him, “We burn a hot fire here; it melts down all concealment” (Miller, 81). Danforth’s statement is significant because it foreshadows Proctor’s confession of his infidelity while simultaneously alluding to Hell and depicting the imagery of a crucible.

Who said it were pretense Sir in the crucible?

MARY WARREN: It were pretense, sir. PROCTOR: It were pretense, she says.

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