What did we Charity accomplish?

WE has built over 1,500 schools and school rooms around the world, educating 200,000 children; partnered with 30,000 women in its alternative income programs; and helped one million people gain improved access to clean water and sanitation.

What has the WE Charity accomplished?

Below are some highlights of our successes. Since the creation of our education pillar, more than 1,500 schools and schoolrooms have been built in WE Charity partner communities, giving 200,000 children the opportunity to get an education and transform not only their lives but also those of their communities.

What is the main goal of WE Charity?

Twenty-four years later, WE Charity is an international charity committed to delivering a sustainable development model that empowers people to transform themselves, their families, their communities and the world.

What is the goal of the WE Movement?

WE Well-Being

The project, which was designed with leading mental-health professionals, has three primary goals: promoting safe and caring environments and relationships; reducing stigma, celebrating diversity, and fostering resiliency; increasing social, emotional, physical, and mental well-being.

Does charity still exist?

On 9 September 2020, We Charity announced that it was winding down its operations in Canada and selling its assets to establish an endowment that will help sustain ongoing We Charity projects around the world.

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Is the WE Charity legitimate?

ME to WE is an affiliated social enterprise. In other words, ME to WE is a private business controlled by Craig and Marc Kielburger, WE Charity’s co-founders. While WE Charity was founded in 1995, ME to WE started up in 2004.

What exactly is the WE Charity?

WE Charity is an international charity and educational partner. … In Africa, Asia and Latin America, we partner with communities to implement WE Villages, a holistic, five-pillar international development model designed to achieve sustainable change.

How does charity raise money?

How is WE Day funded? WE Day is entirely enabled by monetary and in-kind donations of goods and services from our corporate supporters, foundations and individual donors, to name a few. Thanks to their championing, each event is free of charge for tens of thousands of youth.

Who created the WE organization and what is its purpose?

Recognizing that there is no single solution to end poverty, Craig and Marc created Free The Children’s WE Villages, an innovative, holistic approach to development that provides access to five key pillars—education, water, health, food, and opportunity —and empowers a community to lift itself out of poverty.

What does me to we support?

ME to WE is a social enterprise that creates socially conscious products and experiences that allow people to do good through their everyday choices. ME to WE operates based on a unique social enterprise model and uses its income to support the operating costs incurred by its partner, WE Charity.

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