What functions does a volunteer training manual perform?

The Volunteer Training Manuals are distributed, which provide comprehensive information about each volunteer program and interventions. The manuals also include Case Studies for small group discussion, and Competency Based Checklists.

What is the purpose of volunteer training?

The purpose of volunteer training is to help volunteers fulfill their volunteer roles successfully, confidently, and independently. Fundamentally, volunteer training should provide volunteers with the knowledge and resources to complete tasks effectively.

What should be included in a volunteer manual?

What Goes Into a Volunteer Handbook?

  • Welcome Letter. …
  • Organization’s Mission. …
  • List of Staff and Board of Directors.
  • Programs and Campaigns. …
  • Roles and Responsibilities of Volunteers. …
  • Volunteer Policies. …
  • Conduct and Behavior. …
  • Operations and Work Outlines.

What responsibilities do volunteers have?

Volunteers have a responsibility to

  • Make an informed decision to work as a volunteer with an agency.
  • Undertake work orientation and training as required.
  • Work within the duty statement on tasks suitable to their skills and experience.
  • Behave in an ethical manner.
  • Keep agency and client matters confidential.

What is a volunteer orientation?

Generally, your volunteer orientation is an overview of your organization’s mission and expectations. An informational orientation should be the first step to training volunteers in nonprofit participation. Volunteer orientation is just one part of a productive volunteer training program.

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What is a volunteer agreement?

A volunteer agreement makes it clear what the volunteer can expect from the organisation and what, in turn, the organisation expects from the volunteer. It usually sits alongside a role description and volunteer policy. Whilst it sets out expectations an agreement is not a legally binding contract.

What does a volunteer coordinator do?

A Volunteer Coordinator, or Volunteer Program Coordinator, is responsible for overseeing Volunteer activities within an organization. Their duties include interviewing and hiring Volunteers, placing Volunteers in different roles based on their qualifications and maintaining accurate Volunteer records.

How do you recruit and retain volunteers?


  1. Ask volunteers about their hobbies and develop an interest in what they are interested in.
  2. Ask volunteers to provide their feedback about each role they fill.
  3. Connect with your volunteers on social media.
  4. Write your volunteer thank you notes by hand (more personal!)

How do you volunteer on board?

8 Tips To Onboard Your Event Volunteers

  1. Extend a warm welcome. …
  2. Create a volunteer handbook. …
  3. Provide easy access to the event Itinerary and shift schedule. …
  4. Openly communicate expectations. …
  5. Explain their impact. …
  6. Promote networking. …
  7. Take time to train. …
  8. Deploy according to interests.

What is a volunteer management program?

Volunteer management is everything that happens after you’ve successfully recruited a volunteer. It consists of scheduling volunteers, training volunteers, and empowering and motivating volunteers to do their jobs well and further a nonprofit’s mission.

Why are volunteers important to nonprofits?

Scope and Value of Volunteers

Volunteers often help keep the doors open and enable nonprofits to deliver vital programs and services. They lend their expertise on the board of directors, to fundraising campaigns and special events, and often work in direct customer service roles.

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